Council consultation confusion

Rotherhithe residents have been left confused about a local planning application after the Council gave them three different dates to respond by.

The proposal is to demolish the former youth club and nightclub buildings in Odessa Street and replace them with two buildings between four and eleven floors in height with 74 homes.  The plans would also see the removal of the former red dock crane and have proven controversial with some residents.

A letter sent to local residents by the Council stated that the consultation on the planning application ends on 6 August.  Yet a council site notice gives the consultation expiry date as 12 August.  The Council’s online planning pages have added to the confusion by reporting that 13 August is the ‘standard consultation expiry date.’

Residents have now contacted their local councillors to complain about the confusion caused by the Council’s planning department.  The Liberal Democrat team has taken up the issue with the council planning department and asked:

  • how is it possible for a planning application to have three different dates advertised by which residents should give their views? 

  • which date is correct?

  • what will happen if residents reply too late through no fault of their own?

Surrey Docks Liberal Democrat councillor James Okosun, said:

“It seems that the Labour council just doesn’t get how to do consultation properly.  This is the third consultation locally they have messed up recently.

“It is out of order that the Council is causing consultation chaos like this. So much for Labour’s promise to get things right first time!   Liberal Democrats will keep fighting residents’ corner and have taken the issues up with the Council. 

“Residents should not have to go round in circles when they want to give their views.  It’s almost as if the Council wants to put people off or say ‘Sorry, you missed the deadline.’  It’s a statutory consultation, not a lucky dip to get the right date.”

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