Council flytipping collections down by more than half


The number of collections made by Southwark Council to clear flytipping off the borough’s streets has dropped by a massive 62% since last year.

The shock figures were revealed as reports from residents about the amount of flytipping on local estates and streets have continued to grow since the Council introduced a £16 bulky waste collection fee last autumn.

The Council’s own figures show that flytipping on Southwark’s streets has increased by 12% since the new charge was introduced nine months ago.  Liberal Democrat councillors are now demanding Labour leaders explain to residents why collections have been reduced so drastically when flytipping is on the increase.

The stated aims of the new bulky waste collection charge were to save the Council money and generate income.  Any Southwark resident with bulky waste would have to pay £192 each year even if they had just one item for collection each month.

Liberal Democrats called for the charges to be dropped completely or for at least residents on lower incomes to be exempt from the charges, but Labour councillors rejected the proposals.  The Council aims to raise £175,000 a year from the fee. 

Liberal Democrat Environment Spokesperson, Councillor Rosie Shimell, said:

“It’s bad enough that flytipping is up since Labour councillors introduced their new bulky waste collection fee. 

“But it adds insult to injury to find that the number of collections is also down by more than half since last year.

“No wonder our streets and estates are getting filthier.  It seems like Southwark Labour councilors just don’t care and don’t make the connection between fewer collections and more flytipping.

“Liberal Democrats will carry on fighting residents’ corner and are calling on Labour to explain to residents why collections have been cut so drastically.”

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