Southwark Liberal Democrats have this week launched ambitious plans for more affordable homes, more jobs and improved health services in the borough.

Other key priorities in the Liberal Democrat proposals are better local transport and more opportunities for young people and older residents.  The plans will be discussed as part of the council’s budget-setting process this Wednesday night.


By identifying new ways the council can save money and generate extra income, Liberal Democrat councillors have identified over £6million new funding to spend on local priorities, including:

  • ensuring 1 in 3 homes in new developments are affordable and cracking down on long-term empty homes and buy-to-leave properties
  • putting local residents first, not overseas investors, in new housing schemes
  • giving mental health services the same priority as physical health, and ensuring proper support for people newly diagnosed with dementia
  • making sure that Southwark residents get the training and support they need to work on local transport infrastructure projects such as the planned Bakerloo Line extension, Brunel Bridge and Rotherhithe Pier
  • extending the London Cycle Hire scheme further across the borough and making cycling safer and easier.


Liberal Democrats have also allocated money to reverse the Labour council’s planned cuts to children in care, free food waste recycling bags and graffiti teams, as well as making big reductions to Labour’s contingency fund.  Council spend on communications, consultants, agency staff and special councillor allowances would also be reduced considerably.


Southwark Liberal Democrat leader, Councillor Anood Al-Samerai, said:

“Liberal Democrats have an ambitious vision for the future of Southwark, prioritising affordable housing, health, jobs and apprenticeships. We are also fighting for better transport, more opportunities for young people and older residents.


“Liberal Democrat councillors have identified further areas where the council can save money, deliver better value, as well as generate extra income.  This will ensure that the council can provide quality services for residents in the borough. Our proposals will help residents secure the jobs and homes they need, help boost local economic growth, while improving health and the local environment.



“The Labour-run council in Southwark complain about government cuts without acknowledging that it was the last Labour government which ensured that there was ‘no money left’ or that Ed Miliband has confirmed there will be further cuts to local councils if Labour are involved in the next government. 


“It is wrong that Southwark’s Labour council sits on huge reserves, puts millions into contingency funds which are never spent and fails to collect the council tax and business rates which are owed.


“Southwark Liberal Democrats will put homes, jobs and health at the heart of the council’s budget, securing a stronger local economy, fairer communities for all and opportunity for everyone.”

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