Liberal Democrat councillors and campaigners have been working hard to talk to voters about local issues and how we want to change Southwark for the better. Please help us kick out Southwark's Labour council by giving us your vote on Thursday!

Our key commitments on homes, kids, jobs and a council tax cut have been going down really well on the doorstep. We've been running a positive campaign about what we will do to improve services in the borough and support people living here.

We have a fully-costed and detailed plan for our borough’s future that will provide residents with a value for money council that gets the basics right. If we take control of the council on Thursday, we will:

  1. Stop Labour’s council homes sell-off
  2. Provide free childcare hours for all 2, 3, and 4 year olds
  3. Create 1,000 new apprenticeships
  4. Cut council tax for all residents.

But as well as talking about our positive message, many people we've spoken to have told us they don't think the Labour council is on the side of local residents. They say it has been too cosy with developers, wasted public money and failed on basic services like housing repairs and school places.

This is your big chance to send a message to Southwark Labour. Please help us kick out the Labour council by voting for all three local Liberal Democrat candidates in your ward on Thursday - plus a vote for the Lib Dems in the European elections on the same day.

If you back our campaign, please pledge your vote to Southwark Liberal Democrats so we know we can count on your support.

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