Affordable homes and planning

Below is our full 'Affordable Homes and Planning' policy paper.

Read the Affordable Homes and Planning manifesto policy paper

It outlines a number of key priorities including:

  • Stopping Labour’s mass sell-off of council homes and build new ones across the borough.
  • Bringing fairness to council housing waiting lists and help people to swap homes more easily.
  • Fixing the repairs service by offering one-hour time slots and sorting out other problems during the same visit.
  • Putting right Labour’s ‘Warm, Dry & Safe’ sham by giving tenants the basics they deserve like block decorations, dealing with damp and replacing kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Stopping the rip-off of leaseholders by getting value for money from contracts and making bills more transparent, including photographic evidence of work.
  • Fighting for 1 in 3 homes in every new development to be affordable.
  • Bringing empty homes back into use, turning neglected and forgotten properties into council homes.
  • Getting tough on rogue private landlords and unfair letting agent charges.
  • Helping those on middle incomes who don’t qualify for council housing but can’t afford to buy outright by increasing the amount of shared ownership homes.
  • Supporting Simon Hughes MP’s ‘Home not investments’ campaign to stop foreign firms buying up new flats in Southwark as investments and then leaving them empty.
  • Implementing genuine resident-led planning in Southwark to revolutionise the way planning is done here and end Labour’s years of rolling over to developers.
  • Bringing transparency to the planning process by making developers publish their financial figures so we know if residents are getting a good deal.
  • Creating an ambitious new planning vision for Southwark based on mixed communities, green spaces, thriving businesses and high quality amenities.  

Read the full 2014 council elections manifesto at

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