Lib Dems demand urgent Council Assembly to resolve Ledbury crisis

Southwark Liberal Democrats have today demanded the Mayor stage an Extraordinary Meeting of the Council Assembly, in what will be the first in nearly a decade, to discuss the ongoing crisis on the Ledbury Estate.

Four tower blocks on the Ledbury Estate in Peckham are currently under intense scrutiny after it was revealed that they may be at risk of collapse in the event of a gas explosion.

Heightened concerns were raised after the events at Grenfell Tower in Kensington with residents and independent experts noting the issues surrounding the gas supply to the council and media. These concerns were initially dismissed by the council. It took an additional four weeks before they took the decision to turn off the gas supply resulting in residents bring left unnecessarily at risk in their homes for an additional four weeks.

Since the gas supply was turned off, the council’s response has disappointed many residents with a severe lack of communication. Southwark Liberal Democrats have therefore called on the council to host an Extraordinary Meeting, the first time the opposition has used this power in over eight years, and provide the opportunity to discuss the ongoing crisis and call on the council to take urgent action.

Councillor Anood Al-Samerai, Liberal Democrats Group Leader in Southwark, said:

“Residents on the Ledbury Estate have informed us that they are dissatisfied with the Council’s response to the ongoing crisis surrounding their homes and we are now seeking the opportunity to hold the council to account.”

“With no council assembly meeting due until late November, we are concerned that there may not be the opportunity to discuss the serious situation that many residents find themselves in, we have therefore called for this Extraordinary Meeting. We await the Mayor’s response.”

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