Lib Dems pick local hero Lauren to fight for Faraday: It’s personal for her

Local Liberal Democrats have selected rising star Lauren Pemberton-Nelson as their candidate in the forthcoming council by-election in Faraday ward. Lauren lived on the Aylesbury Estate in Faraday all her life until a few months ago when she was moved to another part of the borough as part of the regeneration plans.  

Tony Blair visited the Aylesbury Estate after his 1997 general election victory.  In his speech he promised that the area’s regeneration would be the symbol of New Labour. Eighteen years later those long-awaited improvements have only just started.  Lauren is part of a generation that has grown up with the constant disappointment of Labour’s undelivered promises and let-downs.

As the Liberal Democrat candidate, Lauren is fighting for basic local improvements from cleaner streets and estates to better lighting, especially on the Aylesbury Estate where residents feel forgotten and neglected.

Lauren also wants to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.  Residents have told Liberal Democrat campaigners that violence and burglary are big issues locally. Lauren wants to make the area safer by supporting more police patrols within the area, reducing the number of derelict buildings and bringing empty buildings back into use. Many buildings, especially on the Walworth Road, are going to waste but could be used to help the community by providing much-needed housing or new businesses to provide jobs for local people.

Lauren has been an elected Southwark Youth Councillor, fighting for young people in the borough. She was also a representative at the UK Youth Parliament, being a voice for young people in Southwark at a national level.  Lauren has experience of listening to residents in Faraday and fighting for them.

Lauren Pemberton-Nelson said:

“I am incredibly proud to be running for councillor in Faraday ward. Having lived in the area all my life, this is personal for me.  I understand the problems residents face having experienced many of them myself.

“That’s especially true of the challenges faced by residents on the Aylesbury Estate – where I have grown up and where my Gran lives – who are suffering on a daily basis because of a lack of heating and hot water, faulty street lights, lifts breaking down, not to mention failures to collect litter and refuse that have led to shocking levels of rat infestation.

“These are all issues that have been ignored by the Labour council for years, with only stop-gap solutions being provided. It’s not good enough and it’s time that residents had a councillor who will fight their corner.

“I am passionate about standing up for the area I grew up in.  Faraday residents have been taken for granted time and again by the Council and Labour locally.  Faraday needs new ideas and a strong voice to challenge the Council.  Another Labour councillor won’t do that. I won’t let Faraday residents down.”

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