The Liberal Democrats have always been committed to green issues. Here in Southwark there is a green thread running right through our manifesto, from cycle lanes and recycling bins to cleaner air and protecting green spaces. But we've got one particular policy which sums up our ambitious commitment tomaking Southwark a greener borough...

Group_300px-wd.jpgTo really tackle the problems associated with energy use and pollution, our environment policy paper includes the commitment to make Southwark Council carbon neutral by 2018.

This will mean that by 2018, the council’s net carbon emissions from schools, leisure centres and its own offices will be zero. The emissions that are unavoidable will be 'offset' by funding efficiency improvements in homes across Southwark as we work to lower energy use even further.

Labour is not promising anything similar – in fact, when we proposed this plan at a council meeting last year, not a single Labour councillor was willing to support it. Only the Liberal Democrats will make Southwark green in 2014.

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