More buses on the way for Rotherhithe?

Transport for London has agreed to carry out a major survey of transport needs on the Rotherhithe peninsula after a long-running campaign by local residents, supported by local Liberal Democrat campaigners.

Passengers have complained for years about long waits, overcrowding and journeys being terminated before their final destination to ‘improve frequency’.  Their concerns have been backed by local Liberal Democrats on the council and at City Hall. 

The situation is set to worsen with a projected 40% population increase in the next four years alone and the Canada Water regeneration scheme afterwards.  Plans by Transport for London for a new toll tunnel at Silvertown could also mean drivers divert to the Rotherhithe Tunnel or Tower Bridge and use local roads.  Liberal Democrats have campaigned for years for the Lower Road gyratory to be abolished and replaced by two-way streets to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow in the area.

After a recent question from Liberal Democrats, the Mayor of London has announced that a new bus plan for the area will be drawn up by the summer.  This will include improved links to the retail areas and station at Canada Water, as well as for parts of Rotherhithe with major new housing developments.  There are also large new housing developments planned just across the borough boundary in Lewisham at Plough Way and Grove Street.

Local Liberal Democrats are currently surveying residents about what improvements they would like to see to bus services in the Rotherhithe area and have launched an online petition.

Surrey Docks Liberal Democrat councillor David Hubber said:

“Despite recent local victories, such as the Jubilee Line extension, the Overground and more buses for the C10 route, there is still a desperate need for more capacity and more frequent services. 

“The traffic snarl ups on Lower and Jamaica Roads and Rotherhithe Tunnel are legendary and have a massive impact on the rest of the peninsula.  Transport for London needs to get a grip.

“As more and more people choose Rotherhithe as their home, things will only get worse.  So it’s important to start planning new services now.  The local population is set to almost double in just four years and the Canada Water regeneration will bring thousands more residents in future years.  The bus service cannot carry on as it is now.

“Poor public transport is the number one concern locally when Liberal Democrats are out talking to residents.  We are keeping up the pressure on TfL to ensure they start planning now for better services and this new bus survey will play a key part.”

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