Southwark Liberal Democrats have launched their manifesto for May’s council elections, with a central theme of homes, kids and jobs. 

A total of 50 key policies across 10 areas have been published, ranging from free childcare hours for local parents through to segregated cycle lanes and free public Wi-Fi.

If elected to run Southwark Council on 22 May, the top four priorities for a Liberal Democrat administration will be:

1. Stop Labour’s council homes sell-off

2. Free childcare hours for all 2, 3 and 4 year olds

3. 1,000 new apprenticeships

4. Cut council tax for every resident

The manifesto document was unveiled at an event for supporters on Monday [24 February] in Borough, alongside the local party’s new ‘Homes. Kids. Jobs.’ logo. The document will now be made available on Southwark Liberal Democrats’ website, as well as being delivered to homes in the borough.

Read Southwark Liberal Democrats' full 2014 local elections manifesto

A Liberal Democrat council will also devolve power back to local communities, returning to the system of eight community councils scrapped by the current Labour administration. Funding for community council will be increased by a total of £1 million, with the bodies taking on more decisions about spending on street cleaning, play areas, roads and pavements.

The manifesto was put together after several months of consultation with Liberal Democrat campaigners and non-political residents, and agreed by local party members, councillors and candidates.

Detailed policy papers for each of the areas covered in the manifesto will also be published online in coming days.

The manifesto also forms the basis of Southwark Liberal Democrats’ alternative council budget for 2014/15, which will be debated at Council Assembly this week. Liberal Democrat councillors will be putting forward a fully costed and detailed amendment outlining their plans for the next financial year should they win control of the council, as well as proposals to overturn a number of Labour cuts to services.

Leader of Southwark Liberal Democrats Cllr Anood Al-Samerai said:

“Southwark Liberal Democrats have published a detailed plan outlining how we will run the council, focussing on the things that really matter to people: homes, kids and jobs.”

“We have put together an exciting vision for the borough covering housing, children, the environment, older people, community safety, arts and everything in between. I would urge anybody who wants to know more about what we stand for to have a look at our full manifesto and see what we are offering.”

“People have been let down by a Labour-run council that is failing to get the basics right or offer good value for money. A Liberal Democrat council in Southwark will focus on homes, kids and jobs to create a fairer borough and a stronger local economy.”

Detailed policy papers for each of the areas covered in the manifesto will be published daily from Tuesday 25 February.

The manifesto is fully costed and balanced. All of the key savings and spending commitments are outlined in Southwark Liberal Democrats’ Alternative Budget 2014/15, presented to Council Assembly on 26 February 2014. 

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