All thirteen Liberal Democrat councillors in Southwark will be on the frontline as spokespeople for the Group in a new look format to replace the old Shadow Cabinet system.

All Lib Dem councillors, including the five newly elected councillors, will take on one area of council business each this year to work as a collective team in the town hall. They will be led by Cllr Anood Al-Samerai, who continues as Group leader, with Cllr Adele Morris also staying on as deputy leader.

The new format of having all councillors listed as spokespeople means each of them will be responsible for holding Labour Cabinet members to account, but will also make sure they have more time to be out campaigning in their own wards.

The full list of Liberal Democrat Group spokespeople at Southwark Council, agreed by the Group this week, is:

    • Leader; Finance & jobs                Anood Al-Samerai
    • Deputy leader; Regeneration        Adele Morris
    • Community safety                       David Hubber
    • Transport                                    Damian O’Brien
    • Environment                                James Barber
    • Housing                                      Ben Johnson & Hamish McCallum (shared)
    • Communities and citizenship        Eliza Mann
    • Adult social care                         Maria Linforth-Hall
    • Health                                         David Noakes
    • Leisure                                        Lisa Rajan
    • Children’s services                       James Okosun
    • Education                                    Rosie Shimell

Commenting, leader of the Liberal Democrat Group at Southwark Council, Cllr Anood Al-Samerai, said:

“Our new team has a huge diversity of age, gender, ethnicity and background. We are already back challenging Labour councillors in the town hall. More importantly, we are out on doorsteps and in advice surgeries helping with the things people really care about like housing and jobs.”

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