Southwark Lib Dems ask Council to consider re-housing teenager refugee attacked in Croydon

Liberal Democrat Councillors have called on Southwark Council to consider making an offer to neighbouring Croydon Council to re-house Rekar Ahmed. The 17 year old refugee was brutally assaulted by a group of up to 20 teenagers, young men and women in their 20’s in Croydon while he waited at a bus stop with two friends on the evening of Friday 31st March.

The brutal and unprovoked attack has left the teenager with appalling injuries including a fractured spine and a blood clot on the brain however it is the psychological trauma caused by the injuries that concerns Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, David Noakes, most.

David Noakes, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group in Southwark, said:

“I have written to the Leader of the Council to consider making an offer of solidarity to our neighbouring borough, Croydon, offering to re-house Rekar should he wish to move away from the area where this horrendous attack took place.”

“I'm sure Croydon Council will also want to do whatever they can to support Rekar, however, I feel an offer from Southwark to the Leader of Croydon Council would be seen as a gesture of support and solidarity.”

Cllr David Noakes, who is running the London Marathon on behalf of the Mayor of Southwark, is also fundraising for Rekar, as well as the Mayor’s charity The National Autistic Society and 3 local charities in his ward.

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