Southwark Lib Dems urge Council to agree a fair deal for Aylesbury leaseholders

Southwark Liberal Democrats have urged the Council to treat the remaining Aylesbury leaseholders fairly in response to the Secretary of State’s surprise decision to allow Southwark Council the opportunity to hold a new Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO). 

Adele_Morris2.jpgThe Secretary of State had previously rejected the previous CPO request stating that there was not a “compelling” enough reason for the CPO and that the borough had “extremely low valuations” of homes on the Aylesbury in breach of their the human rights. However in a dramatic u-turn, Sajid Javid asked for his decision to be revoked and therefore not proceed with a planned court battle with Southwark Council.  

Demolishing and rebuilding the Aylesbury Estate is one of the Council’s flagship regeneration projects and would see over 3,500 new homes built. However, seven leaseholders still remain on the estate having rejected the previous offers of compensation which were put forward by the Labour council.

Liberal Democrat councillors have called on the council to offer a decent price to these remaining leaseholders allowing them to remain in the local area.

Councillor Adele Morris (pictured), Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Regeneration in Southwark said:

“We remain deeply concerned that regeneration projects, like on the Aylesbury Estate, are forcing residents out of the area because their compensation packages mean they can’t afford to re-purchase locally.”

“Liberal Democrats will continue to fight residents’ corner and ensure that a fair deal is reached.”

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