Turning up the pressure on Thames Water

Local Liberal Democrats have demanded an urgent meeting on behalf of Bermondsey residents to turn up the pressure on Thames Water.

The move follows complaints to local councillors from residents and businesses about poor water pressure in homes and workplaces.  In response, Riverside ward councillors started a more extensive survey and discovered that the problem was widespread. 

Problems with low water pressure are being experienced in the area north of Jamaica Road between Tower Bridge Road and Cherry Garden Street.  It mainly affects homes on higher floors in blocks.

Thames Water has given various explanations to residents and businesses and has given the impression that supplying good water pressure to the ground floor of buildings is sufficient to comply with requirements.

Liberal Democrat councillors have refused to accept this situation and are meeting with Thames Water and the Council next week to demand more serious action.

Riverside Liberal Democrat councillor Hamish McCallum said:

“It’s not right that so many residents and businesses are suffering from low water pressure in our area.  There is talk that the pressure has been lowered to reduce leaks.

“It’s also not on that Thames Water thinks it’s acceptable that only ground floor properties should expect normal water pressure.  Everyone has to pay their water rates and it shouldn’t be like a lottery, depending on which floor you live or work on.

“It’s clear there is a real problem across a large area north of Jamaica Road.  Thames Water has serious questions to answer and needs to spell out what action it will be taking to give local residents and businesses the service they expect.

“Liberal Democrats will keep fighting residents’ corner to make sure Thames Water sorts this problem out.  We hope our meeting will keep up the pressure and mean an end to trickles of water coming out of the tap.”

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