United against hate crime in Southwark

All Southwark’s councillor have united to send a strong message to the borough’s residents that they condemn all hate crimes and will protect victims.

Since the referendum vote to leave the European Union on 23 June, there has been a spike in the number of hate crimes and incidents of racial abuse reported to the Police - with a 52% increase in London.

In an effort to reassure Southwark residents who may become victims of hate crime or who have suffered abuse already, Liberal Democrat councillors joined with councillors from the Labour and Conservative parties to back a motion calling on the Council to work with the Police and local organisations to:

  • tackle all reported incidents of racism and xenophobia in Southwark

  • support victims of hate crimes

  • take action against perpetrators of hate crimes in the borough.

The motion was passed unanimously by all councillors.

Southwark Liberal Democrat councillor David Noakes, who seconded the motion, said:

“One of the saddest impacts of the EU referendum result has been the sharp increase in reports of hate crime and intolerance since, even in London.

“It is not acceptable that a small minority of people think the referendum result was a green light to abuse others in the community and spread fear. 

“Racism, xenophobia and hate crimes are never acceptable, especially in a borough like Southwark where we can be proud of our diversity and where so many people have chosen to make their home.

“It is good to see all councillors from all the political parties in Southwark stand together to say we will not tolerate hate crimes in our borough.”

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