Urgent Council Assembly dismissed as Council calendar 'very full'

Labour’s Southwark Mayor has dismissed Southwark Liberal Democrat calls for an urgent council assembly saying that the council calendar is “very full”. This is despite the fact there are 3 free evenings for the council assembly to be arranged in the first two weeks of September.

Southwark Liberal Democrats first called for an extraordinary meeting last week in response to the ongoing crisis on the Ledbury Estate. It was hoped that the meeting would take place early in September.  

It has instead been suggested that an extraordinary meeting be held at the conclusion of the ordinary council assembly meeting in late November in three months time.

Councillor Anood Al-Samerai, Liberal Democrats Group Leader in Southwark, said: 

“We are very disappointed that the Labour Mayor has decided to reject our calls for an urgent council assembly to take place in order to discuss the ongoing crisis at Ledbury. And to use the excuse that the council calendar is too full is scandalous. There are plenty of free evenings when a council assembly could be called, Labour just don’t want their inadequate response to the crisis to be exposed and scrutinised.” 

“We will continue to fight for the opportunity to scrutinise the work the council are doing on the Ledbury Estate.”

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