There’s not long to go now until the local elections, and if we take control of the council on 22 May, one of our top priorities will be to introduce a day of free childcare every month for all 2, 3 and 4 years olds, on top of the government’s own allowances.

We’ve put this issue at the top of our agenda because it’s one of the problems we hear about most often when we’re out and about in Southwark. Childcare has become ever more expensive in the past few years, and it can now cost as much to send your child to nursery as it would to send them to private school!

An extra free day of childcare every month will save parents an average of £448 per child, per year – not only supporting families in difficult economic times, but helping those parents who would like to get back to work sooner to do so.

Along with our other policies on Education and Childcare, we think this can make a big difference to a huge number of local people, which is why we’ve put free childcare hours at the heart of our local election manifesto.

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